On Your Feet With a Splash

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Meet the Owners

Sadie Ward and JeriLyn Walters Owners of On Your Feet JeriLyn and daughter Sadie moved to Florence from Weaverville CA to open On Your Feet in May 04. JeriLyn in the mother of 4 children and the proud Nana of 2 grandsons. She has been privileged to have worked with her daughters over the past 13 years in the footwear business. Sadie Ward is married to her husband Cameron. Sadie is mom to store dog Nate, A.K.A. Handsome, you can visit him at On Your Feet with a Splash.

Michele Douglass has been a Florence resident since 1978 and sole owner of Splash until the perfect marriage of shoes and clothing became a reality in July 2012. Now working for Peach Harbor Health Center Foundation, Michele misses time spent at the shop and selling all of our loyal friends and customers. But we have created a little slice of heaven on Bay St.

The rest of our staff...

Meaghan Forbes | On Your Feet With A Splash

Meaghan Forbes

Student at the University of Oregon and a show box Jenga champion. She's also "Hecka Fly".

Nancy Nelsons | On Your Feet With A Splash

Nancy Nelson

She was a "Splash Girl" for 9 years before the marriage to On Your Feet.

Jamie Gorder | On Your Feet With A Splash

Jamie Gorder

This busy, energetic On Your Feet With a Splash girl says "What girl doesn't want shoes and clothes."

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Vicki Rankin

"Of course, I make no money! I spend it all on shoes and clothes."

Theresa Gustafsons | On Your Feet With A Splash

Theresa Gustafson

Shoes are always on her mind and as she says "If it fits, buy it in every color."

Heather Hammon | On Your Feet With A Splash

Heather Hammon

She works full time at Peace Harbor Health and "moonlights" on On Your Feet With a Splash.

Jayne Smoley | On Your Feet With A Splash

Jayne Smoley

"I love to help people put together the perfect outfit, head to toe!"

Stephanie Wright | On Your Feet With A Splash

Stephanie Wright

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

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Stephanie Evans-Wondra

"I plant seeds of beauty and watch flowers walk out the door."

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Melissa Barnett

"I have the shoes to make you shine!!"

Ashley Shoemaker | On Your Feet With A Splash

Ashley Shoemaker

"I am lucky enough to be part of a very supportive and active team of consultants!"